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(Free) Jesus Rojas vs. Joseph Diaz Jr Live Fight >>Watch Facebook<<

(Free) Jesus Rojas vs. Joseph Diaz Jr Live Fight  Watch Facebook On Saturday, Aug. 11, Jesus Rojas defends his WBA “regular” featherweight title against Joseph Diaz Jr. In a weekend when boxing activity is light, Rojas vs. Diaz Jr. has the potential to be an action-packed fight.

Jesus Rojas vs. Joseph Diaz Jr Live

Joseph Diaz Jr missed weight today for tomorrow night’s shot at Jesus Rojas’ WBA “world” featherweight title, but the fight will go on, with Rojas leaving with the belt no matter the result of the fight. Diaz (26-1, 14 KO) was hoping to make up for a loss to WBC titleholder Gary Russell Jr in May by bouncing right back and claiming a different title, but that’s not going to happen. The 25-year-old former Olympian weighed in at 126.6 pounds, or just over a half pound heavier than the limit.

Diaz Jr’s failure to make weight will cost him 20 percent of his purse, which is $10,000 of his purse of $50K. The only thing Diaz Jr. can count on now is winning the fight and looking good. Had Diaz Jr. made weight and won the fight tonight against Rojas, he still would have likely missed weight on his first title defense of the WBA strap, as he’s been struggling to make the 126 pound limit for some time. In Diaz Jr’s last fight against WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr. last May, he looked like a full blown welterweight after he rehydrated on the night of the fight. Diaz Jr. was positively huge for the fight.

Rojas holds the lesser version of the WBA’s two featherweight titles. The primary WBA featherweight champion is Leo Santa Cruz, who would likely easily beat Rojas if he had to desire to face him, which he doesn’t appear to have. Santa Cruz is more interested in facing the bigger names in the featherweight division rather than fighting secondary 126 pound champions like Rojas.